The Following Club Demonstrations are booked to be held at CROSS HOUSES COMMUNITY CENTRE  (All Meetings are subject to Government Directives)


For the time being these meetings are for current members only.


13th October  (Meeting Pending due to current Government Restrictions)


10th November 


 8th December 



 Programme 2020 - Past Events

The Programme for 2020 is based on The Inspirational Use of Colour in Floral Design


SPRING TERM --- The Colour wheel and effective Use of Colour

 7th January ~~~ Festive Meal at The Horseshoes, Dorrington for Club Members and their guest. ~~~ 7pm for 7.30 dining


21st January ~~~ Demonstration led by Suzanne with regard to the colour wheel.


  4th February ~~~ Practical -- Members own interpretation to "The Colour Wheel"


25th February ~~~ Practical Evening (7pm Start) ~~~ Trish to lead an evening Working together with the Theme "Boxes".


3rd March (7.15pm Start) ~~~ Demonstration Jan on the theme of "Ikebana - Colour & Contrast".  Plus Bring & Buy your pot/s + any other items




17th March ~~~ MEETING CANCELLED Practical -- Members own Interpretation of "Ikebana - Colour & Contrast"


 7th April ~~~ MEETING CANCELLED Easter Social (Bring & Share Supper),  "People's Choice" Competition.  Theme TBA.  To include a team quiz devised by Hanna Mainwaring



SUMMER TERM ~~~ Some Like it Hot (Exploring the use of warm/hot colours)


21st April ~~~  MEETING CANCELLED Demonstration led by Suzanne & Jane with an Introduction to this term


 5th May ~~~ MEETING CANCELLED Practical Session -- Members to interpret in their own styles with reference to the demonstration on 21st April


19th May ~~~ MEETING CANCELLED Practical Evening (7pm Start) -- Jane to lead an evening Working together which introduces the use of other materials/fabrics into a floral arrangement.  (worksheet to follow)


 2nd June ~~~ MEETING CANCELLED Demonstration by Barbara focusing on the use of "A Bunch of Supermarket flowers"


16th June  ~~~ OUTING CANCELLED Summer Supper.  At The New Inn, Hook-a-Gate, 7pm-for 7.30.  For members and their guest.  (Details as yet to be confirmed).


30th June ~~~ MEETING CANCELLED Practical Session -- focusing on the use of "A Bunch of Supermarket flowers", as demonstrated on June 2nd


14th July ~~~ OPEN EVENING CANCELLED Annual Open Evening at Cross Houses Community Centre, Guest Demonstrator Mr. Will Simmons, demonstrating on the theme "Some Like It Hot".  Doors Open 7pm.  Demonstration commences 7.30pm



AUTUMN TERM ~~~ Cool and Tranquil (Exploring the use of Cooler Colours)


 8th September ~~~   MEETING CANCELLED Demonstration and introduction to the Autumn Term led by Suzanne & Jane


22nd September ~~~  MEETING CANCELLED Practical Session -- Members to interpret in their own styles with reference to the demonstration on 8th September


  6th October ~~~  MEETING CANCELLED AGM DEFERRED UNTIL 2021  Plus "Mini Demonstration" by Barbara "Two Ladies from Attingham - Cool & Tranquil"  (2 Arrangements in a 1940's Style)


20th October ~~~ MEETING CANCELLED Practical Evening (7pm Start) -- Trish to lead an evening Working together "A Cornucopia" to unite PaperCraft with dried/artificial floral material.  (worksheet to follow)


 3rd November ~~~ MEETING CANCELLED Demonstration led by Barbara & Jan on the theme "Green and Natural"


17th November ~~~ MEETING CANCELLED Practical on the above theme


 1st December ~~~ MEETING CANCELLED  Club Christmas Demonstration by Donna and Andrea on the theme "Nature's Choice"


15th December ~~~ MEETING CANCELLED Christmas Social and Club Competition (7pm Start).  Competition Theme: To Create a "Cool & Tranquil" Door Wreath or Swag (to be made in advance).  Plus Special Christmas Raffles